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Austral CrocPly

Austral CrocPly

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Tough, waterproof and slip resistant floor panel.

Austral CrocPly is designed for the most demanding floor applications. CrocPly is made using Araucaria (hoop pine) plywood overlaid with a hard wearing, waterproof and slip resistant film. CrocPly’s plywood core is certified to Australian standards including Structural AS/NZS2269 and Marine AS/NZS2272. Austral CrocPly is an Australian made, wire mesh film-faced plywood, similar to imported products such as Hexa Plywood.

CrocPly is perfect for: truck & trailer decking; vehicle floors; scaffolding; pedestrian platforms; stair treads; ship decking; stage platforms.

Austral CrocPly is supplied in 2440 x 1220mm sheets (with sealed edges).  Please contact us for other sizes.  CrocPly Sealer must be used to seal cut edges, in accordance with the directions supplied.  More information available on the Austral CrocPly product page.

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