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Austral Marine (Hoop Pine Plywood)

Austral Marine (Hoop Pine Plywood)

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Premium plywood for marine and appearance applications.

Marine plywood is regarded as the highest plywood grade available, and for good reason.  Marine plywood must be constructed using only “A” grade veneers from a designated marine species (i.e. Araucaria – hoop pine) and have an “A” bond glue system, sometimes referred to at WBP (water boil proof).  These are requirements of the Australian standard for marine plywood, AS/NZS 2272.

All Austral Marine comes with a multiply core as standard.

Designated marine species such as Araucaria (hoop pine) are selected based on density, bending strength, impact resistance and surface finishing characteristics. 

Austral ‘O’ grade marine plywood (AS/NZS 2272) is also available and recommended as a cost effective solution for applications where the aesthetic of the face veneers is not critical, such as applications where the plywood is overlaid, painted or fibre glassed. 

Austral Plywoods is the only manufacturer of marine plywood that complies with Australian standard AS/NZS 2272.

More information available on the Austral Marine product page.

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